Updates for May 2002

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Today fixed a link on Already Know My Name, and put up the transcriptions from Alanis' appearances on Letterman and Rosie! I'm also working on the lyrics for What's Goin' On, it may take a few days though!


Updated the Futurama site with the sad news of its cancellation, fixed some links/banners on the main page, fixed some links on the Links page, and fixed some more stuff on the Credits and Useless Facts pages! Landmarks! Links @ 1000, Fonts @ 6000!!!!


Updated the Alanis Morissette news! Landmark: All Saints Lyrics @ 1000!


New Website of the week today! Also updated the Alanis Morissette news, and removed some dead links from Dawson's Creek and Futurama! Page Landmarks: Dawson's Creek @ 19000, Dawson's Creek Character Page @ 29000 & 30000, and Flying Into The Millennium Lyrics: Backstreet's Back @ 2000!!!!


Put up part of the transcript of Alanis' appearance on Last Call With Carson Daly today! :)


Today I put up the rest of the Last Call transcript, and put up another Live Performances lyrics page, which led to an update on the Site Map! Page Landmark: Adam Trese Picture Gallery @ 4000


Put up the counter on the new Alanis Live Performances page, and put up the lyrics to My Heart Stays With You on Flying Into The Millennium!


Took care of a number of dead links etc. on previous updates pages, as well as on the main page and on Push A Little Harder. Updated the credits, and put up an extra MIDI on Flying Into The Millennium


New website of the week today, and also updated the Alanis Morissette news!! :)


Put up the transcripts from Alanis' appearances on The View and Leno! Also put up the lyrics to the radio cut of Precious Illusions.


Put up the transcripts from Alanis' appearances on The Early Show, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, the 2002 Juno Awards, and American Bandstand 50th Anniversary special. Also put up a new soulDecision link, and updated the Useless Facts!


Update the Alanis Morissette news today, that's it!


Made small updates today on Push A Little Harder, Dawson's Creek, and Futurama regarding cancellatons/renewals/etc


New Website of the week today! Also put up news, discography, and lyrics from the Precious Illusions single on Thank U Alanis Morissette. Finally, put up the June 2002 Updates page, leading to updates on Fonts and Site Map!


Put up a counter on June 2002 updates, and updated the Push A Little Harder news!


Updated the X-Files site (now titled "END GAME") with stuff from the Series Finale. Sadly, that will probably mean the end of any updates on that site, considering the fact that the show is now over. The change in title led to an update on the Site Map


Apologies for the lack of updates but there hasn't been much TO update! New Website of the Week today!


Updated the Alanis Morissette news. Also put up a couple more quotes, and updated the credits page!

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